Intergenerational Programs and Ageism Awareness

Announcing our Intergenerational Program

Intergenerational programs offer an opportunity for our youth to connect with our aging population. The purpose is to connect our generations with mutually beneficial, planned activities, that enable our elders and youth to share talents and support. The students learn beneficial life skills such as:

Knowledge about ageism and the negative effects that accompany ageism

How and why people age

What the behaviors of aging are and about the differences in generations

How to communicate with body language, facial expressions, and tone-of-voice

The art of interviewing and asking questions

Enhancement in social skills, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, a sense of purpose, and positive attitude towards aging

Decreased negative behavior: According to research studies, youth involved in intergenerational mentoring are 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs, 27% less likely to begin using alcohol, and 52% less likely to skip school (Tierney, J.P. & Grossman, J.B. with Resch, N. (2000). Making a Difference: An Impact Study of Big Bothers Big Sisters. Philadelphia, PA: Public/Private Ventures).

Increase in stability: children and youth gain positive role models, develop positive relationships and attitudes, and behaviors including volunteering habits and efficiency.

Additionally, the students are connected with residents to record their stories and experience another view of history they would never read in textbooks.

In return, our residents will receive valuable companionship, have the opportunity to care for others, and engage with our youth, alleviating boredom. This will lead to better physical and mental health, as well as increase community involvement for our residents residing in nursing homes.

Homes currently offering this program: Castle Rock Rehabilitation Center, Green River, WY

Announcing our Intergenerational Program

Ageism effects all ages! Have you ever been told “You are too young to do that”? Have you ever been told “You are too old to do that”? That is ageism; the stereotyping of age — not just old age, but all age!

Learn how you can stand up to ageism! Mission offers workshops for understanding ageism, the different behaviors of the generations, and the negative effects ageism has on our aging population.

Workshops have been given to: Social Workers, church groups, junior high and high school students, nursing and dental students and area nursing homes.

If you are interested in a workshop or to join our program, Take my Hand, Tell me your Story, please contact Heather Reynolds at 801-860-1011.

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