Mission Opens Person-Centered Care Training to area Facilities

Mission will offer intensive training in person-centered and person-directed care. With the current CMS changes going into affect, the need for training in culture change and dementia are needed to be successful.

For over a decade now, Mission has been practicing the culture change movement of the Eden Alternative and have embraced the principles created by Dr. William Thomas to care for our elders in nursing homes. Mission has trained well over 600 employees and state surveyors in these principles. For the past five years, Mission has chosen to close these training’s to those that are not Mission employees. As a result, Mission historically has low turnover rate and fewer regulatory tags during state and federal inspections. All Mission homes maintain an average CMS star rating of 4.

Mission also has the only Eden Registered homes in Utah and employs a full-time Eden Certified Educator to continue progress in this unique program.
Participants will learn:
The principles of culture change
Person-centered and person-directed care
Aging and ageism
Generational behaviors
Interpersonal skills, including, emotional intelligence, communication, and conflict resolution.
Participants will also earn 21 CEU NAB credits.

Participants will also have the opportunity to have access to resources and continuing education in person-centered care.

Together, we are stronger…
Adopting a person-directed care approach is a never-ending process that requires a strong commitment from leadership. This commitment is especially crucial in the wake of a regulatory climate that focuses more and more on person-directed practices as the standard for quality care.

Leaders hoping to remain competitive and to exceed regulatory expectations need a clear path forward, a powerful peer support network, resources and education that drive change, and market recognition that sets them apart and creates a sense of team pride. (Eden Alternative, www.edenalt.org)

For more information: Contact Heather Reynolds: heather.reynolds@missionhealthservices.org

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