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Mission at West Jordan Care Center Overview

West Jordan Care Center is your home for adults with intellectual disabilities. West Jordan Care Center was awarded the 2012 non-profit of the year award by the American Healthcare Association.

We offer work programs, and a beautiful greenhouse for our community residents to practice and enjoy gardening. Additionally, West Jordan has a kitchen for our community members to cultivate culinary talents. Residents also enjoy creative projects, technology courses, and many more meaningful activities. Our residents also enjoy “community management” and  join committees to help make decisions for the West Jordan Care Center.


Quality Therapeutic Services

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3350 West 7800 South
West Jordan, UT 84088
Phone: 801-282-0686
Email: westjordaninfo@missionhealthservices.org

Our Physical Therapist is knowledgeable about the unique needs of people with intellectual and physical disabilities. PT staff assist residents in acquiring custom wheelchairs, orthotic and assistive support devices. Our PT staff provide instruction to care partner staff on the proper use of these devices. Individualized programs are developed and integrated into the resident’s daily routine to develop muscular and physical dexterity, enabling the individual to build new skills and maintain abilities.

Working with our care partner staff, the Occupational Therapist advises on ways to optimize independence in daily care. Occupational Therapy assists in the acquisition of proper assistive devices and guiding residents in developing greater independence in their care needs such as personal hygiene, dental hygiene, self-feeding, and grooming.

Speech Therapy implements programs to maximize each individual’s ability to make his/her choices known. The Speech Therapist assists in acquiring augmentive and alternative speech devices for many individuals. The individualized speech therapy program at the West Jordan care center includes developing alternative forms of communication with the individual as needed, such as consistently nodding, looking or pointing to make choices known.

A registered dietician evaluates the nutritional status of each individual including the adequacy of the food and caloric intake. Our skilled dietician also determines the appropriateness of texture with respect to each individual’s ability to chew and swallow. The registered dietician monitors menus and assures the availability of a large variety of food choices and alternatives. Meals are prepared by our trained staff under the direction of a licensed food service supervisor.

The Mealtime Experience

As in most homes, mealtime is an opportunity for socializing with family and friends. Residents’ families are invited to share meals at our care community. At Mission at West Jordan, mealtime is also a time to practice skills from the comprehensive therapeutic treatment plan such as making choices known, holding a fork, walking to the dining room with assistance, and setting the table.


Our recreation department’s goal is to make daily life enjoyable and therapeutic, while meeting the developmental and socialization needs of each individual resident. A wide array of organized activities happen each day. Residents are encouraged to participate in any or all of the day’s activities. Daily activities include arts and crafts, gross motor activities, as well as adaptive games like volleyball and bowling. Mission at West Jordan also offers sensory stimulating activities including exercise, music, dance, and everyone’s favorite – Karaoke. These meaningful activities meet the varied abilities and interests of all who live at Mission at West Jordan.

Exploring the Local Community

Our residents participate in the local community as well. They routinely shop for their favorite items at local stores and attend sporting events, concerts, and rodeos. Everyone looks forward to the summertime fun of camping, fishing, and river rafting. Staff teamwork ensures that each individual has opportunities to remain connected with our local community.


The Relife foundations is a nonprofit organization run by families and friends of the residents of our West Jordan Care Center. They fundraise for items that make life better for people with intellectual disabilities including buses, vacations, equipment and fun activities. If you are interested in donating or becoming involved with the Relife committee to assist in fundraising, activities, and making a difference please visit our website.


Levels of Care

  • Adults with cognitive disabilities

First Class Amenities

Contact Mission at West Jordan Care Center

3350 West 7800 South
West Jordan, UT 84088
Phone: 801-282-0686
Email: westjordaninfo@missionhealthservices.org

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