Namaste Memory Center has Welcomed our first resident

Looking for comprehensive memory care? The Namaste Memory Center has officially opened! 

When I walk through this memory center I feel a sense of warmth and acceptance. Every aspect of this home is designed to honor the resident story and life skills, not the disease or disability. Many nursing homes or assisted living facilities do a good job at providing a safe place where they are given medical treatment. Most nursing facilities are still trying to discover what residents with dementia need, care for the whole being. Even with all the personality and behavioral changes that occur in dementia, the person we all love is still there, they are just struggling with loss. The loss of independence, memories, site, hearing, family, and the life they have built. 

As you walk through the halls you see ‘stations’ set up to honor the person’s life skills. All the art on the walls is designed to be engaged with, to strengthen the senses through the senses; touch, site, smell, sound. All staff are trained to utilize sensory art, stations, and boxes on a regular basis. Activities are not just offered when a director is available. 

We are going to go one step further, we are designing a sensory modulation program designed to create a resident-centered care plan, or growth plan. A person living with dementia has the capability to grow and learn, even when faced with  decline.

Family involvement is encouraged and education and support is offered. 

Heather Reynolds is a Certified Alzheimer’s Dementia Practitioner Trainer and expert in memory care. 

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