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Mission Health Services (MHS) is Utah’s premier long-term healthcare services provider with skilled nursing facilities in Salt Lake City, Utah, Pleasant Grove, Utah, Centerfield, Utah and Tremonton, Utah; assisted and memory care in Sandy, Utah; as well as an intermediate healthcare facility for adults with intellectual disabilities in West Jordan, Utah. MHS has expanded services to include Green River, Wyoming. Founded in 1990, MHS is a community –based, non-profit organization. Mission gives over 2 million dollars each year in charitable care.

Without regard to a resident’s ability to pay, MHS provides round-the-clock skilled nursing care for Utah’s elderly and disabled citizens in a warm and welcoming environment. For residents in need of rehabilitation, MHS provides state of the art physical, occupational, and speech therapy services, assisting residents to regain their independence and return home. For residents who need long-term skilled nursing care, MHS provides a supportive, caring home and tailors each resident’s care to address individual needs and preferences.

MHS is committed to replacing the institutional culture of long-term care with surroundings that foster warm, personal relationships and retain autonomy. At MHS, small groups of residents, called neighborhoods, are supported by empowered staff, assisting them in directing their own lives and building their own community.

One of the areas that sets MHS apart from its peers is its status as the largest not-for-profit nursing home organization in Utah. MHS has a genuine responsibility to serve beyond our care communities. We seek social accountability opportunities and measures to identify and exercise leadership in meeting local needs. We open our care communities to other non-profit organizations and share our time, talent, and treasure. The bottom line: it is the people — not profits — which define Mission Health Services’ success.

Mission Health Services Communities are dedicated to change the culture of long-term care. Imagine, if you will, that someone came to your residence with a medium-sized box and explained to you that you can no longer safely stay in your home. They tell you that you must select a few meaningful items that will fit in the box, then move into a nursing home. Most people would gather family photos, a favorite book, blankets, clothes—but what about the items that are not tangible like privacy, dignity, and autonomy? What about the comforts of home, such as decorations, paint color on a wall, or a favorite chair?

Traditional nursing homes paint the picture of a place that is cold, sterile, and smelly. A place where you lose dignity, privacy, respect; a place to die. Mission Health Services embraces the philosophy that a nursing home is not a place to die, but a place to thrive. MHS is a place of community designed to care for those with disabilities. MHS also understands that not all who enter into a nursing home are elderly. Our facilities have large populations of residents that range from 15-100 years old, many of whom will reside for several years in our care communities. MHS has proactively sought to transform its facilities from the sterile healthcare environment into vibrant residential homes, bringing rich individual meaning into the space to increase attachment and engagement. Our residents choose when to go to bed, when to get up, what to eat, and what activities are meaningful to them. They sit on committees that govern their home, and they choose their room’s paint and décor to ensure comfort and familiarity.

MHS believes in creating meaning in the dining experience. The key is not to simply provide nutrition and calories, but also to create a dining experience that is rich in engagement and reflective of the individuals that partake in the meal. The dining experience is designed to accommodate different styles and various paces. MHS understands that a normal dining experience includes 24-hour access to a kitchen for snacks, just like home. Resident kitchens are fully stocked with snack items and beverages. Life happens in the kitchen, so MHS created family friendly kitchen facilities so relatives may prepare meals with their loved ones within our homes. Residents are encouraged to cook family meals with visiting loved ones, entertain their family in a private dining area, or grab a late night snack.

Families are encouraged to join family council meetings, attend activities, and be involved in the decision making processes of each Mission community.

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