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The Solution to Getting Better and Getting Home 

Many individuals who have surgery or a hospital stay frequently need a little more time before they are able to return home. Well over 60% of individuals who come to Mission Health Rehabilitation Centers are short-stay residents who come for additional therapy and treatments that do not require acute hospital stays. We provide an effective transition for you, as you gain strength and stabilize your condition, until you are comfortable and able to return to your home as soon as possible. We treat a variety of conditions in this way including:

* Post stroke recovery
* Hip fractures / replacement
* Knee or joint replacement
* Cardiac or respiratory ailments
* Post wound care
* Pain management

Our interdisciplinary care team consists of the attending physician, nurses, therapists, social services, registered dietician, and recreational therapists.

Our therapists are committed to helping each resident reach his or her highest level of mobility and activity. We provide treatment specifically tailored to your needs and abilities. Your personalized treatment begins as soon as your admission with a rehabilitation screening takes into consideration your individual condition and ability to undertake therapy and care.

Our rehabilitation care therapy promotes positive outcomes, including: improved mobility, improved ability to do self-care tasks, the ability to cope with the current illness and tools to prevent further complications, managing pain, providing hope and encouragement, and a focus to return you home. Specific staff members work with you, at your pace, to help you get better, gain strength, and return to your home. The nursing staff ensures optimal pain management and medication management.

The physical therapy staff provides treatment through exercise together with assistance in ambulation, gait training, bed mobility, wound care and wheelchair positioning.

*The occupational therapy staff provides treatment to help regain skills related to activities of daily living, such as eating, dressing, grooming, and use of adaptive equipment.

 *The speech-language therapists provide help to regain or strengthen your ability to speak with ease and clarity, as well as help you regain the ability to communicate and improve swallowing.

Early in your stay, the entire rehabilitation team meets with you to give you information and establish goals for your return home. As the time approaches for you to return home, the therapy staff will make a visit to your home to evaluate and advise for additional safety to support you as you return home. We will review all of your medications with you and make sure that arrangements are made for any medical equipment you may need. Mission Health offers educational services to prepare your caregivers on ways to assist you with your needs to help you to be successful.

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