Short-Term Care

On the Road to Recovery

Recovering from an accident or illness can be a trying time for you and your family. Our award-winning staff is dedicated to getting you on the road to recovery, and to get you home as quickly as possible. We start by creating your care plan based on your own goals for recovery. Our interdisciplinary team, including physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers, registered dietitians and recreational therapists work with you to develop a therapy strategy based on your preferences, needs, and strengths to get you on the road to recovery.

Your Short Stay Therapeutic Services Include:

  • Highly skilled physical, occupational, and speech therapists experienced in working with older adults
  • Exercises to target mobility, strength, endurance and balance as part of an individualized therapy program
  • Post-stroke recovery Advanced wound care
  • Orthopedic care following hip and knee replacement
  • Comprehensive pain management Physical therapy improving mobility and ambulation
  • Speech therapy including exercises to improve swallowing and communication
  • Occupational therapy to improve performance of daily living skills 24-hour nursing staff specializing in gerontology

Transitioning Home

Upon admission to  a Mission Rehabilitation Center, the therapy team will work with you to design a transition plan for you to return home. After successfully completing therapy and when the time approaches for you to return home, our staff will conduct a safety evaluation of your home residence and advise you on additional safety needs to support you as you transition home. We set you up for a successful move home.

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