Mission strives to provide you and your loved ones with the highest quality medical care but in a relationship rich environment. Here is what people are saying about our Mission homes!

“Mission would be the only place I would take a loved one. You will not be disappointed!”

To Whom it May Concern,

I understand it is common to feel much guilt when placing a loved on in a care facility. I have been a caregiver which includes three main areas of her life: emotionally, financially, and physically. My current concerns are spiritually and I have no control over that one. I am a bit protective since I love my sister deeply.  After receiving good information from Hearts for Hospice that it was time I should consider moving her, the quest was on to locate a 24 hour care center she would be eligible for and which one would take good care of her. I visited many and made many return visits to several. I visited each one when they knew I was coming and also when they didn’t know I was coming to visit. This process took many, many weeks to complete. No one should ever make this choice lightly. I based my decision on several things that were important to me:

  1. Would I feel like living there?
  2.  Is the building secure?
  3. Are there smiling faces when you walk in the front door?
  4.  Is there any odor at all other than food preparation?
  5.  Where are the rest rooms?
  6.  Does the room in which she lives have adequate space?
  7.  Are the staff, doctor, nurses, CNA, well groomed, educated, and do the smile as you pass them in the halls?
  8. Are there a salon, laundry, and daily activities for the residents?
  9.  What is the condition of the patio where she can spend her time?
  10.  Is the food pleasing to the eye, palatable, and nutritious?

There are so many areas to look at and decide what would feel like home for a loved one whom I have cared for, for over 20 years. Without a doubt, I know for sure that I have chosen the perfect place for my sister. Hillside exceeds any place I visited and gets 100% in all areas. I know that the care she is receiving now is beyond my expectations. I will continue to praise Mission and all of the staff. I know they have my sister’s best interest at heart. I feel no guilt whatsoever.

I feel blessed to have found Hillside. Thank you for all you do.


To West Jordan Care Center Carepartners,

 I wanted to drop you a line to say  “thank you” for all you do as well as your wonderful compassionate staff. When I told my family about your generous offer to try and have Annie brought to my house for an afternoon, they were so touched. My son asked me why Delana’s care center couldn’t be more like Annie’s, and of course the answer I gave to everyone was that they don’t have Jeanie and the dedicated staff she has assembled to care for those special angels at West Jordan including my Annie. 

I left the meeting feeling so unbelievably comforted. To see my Annie as she got off the bus, and spend precious moments with her out in the hallway with lots of kisses from mom and singing a few of her favorite songs brought such peace to my heart. I have learned if you don’t get Annie just right she won’t eat no matter what you bring her. Knowing what a pushover her mom is to lay her down, nothing would do but for her to be put to bed. Actually it worked out really well, because as the staff went over the various areas of Annie’s care and the proposed future plan, I had a major revelation more stronger than ever before that Annie is autistic. It has been hinted at over the years as more and more information about autism and the similar traits, behaviors, etc., that are often shared by those children so diagnosed, as a possibility for Annie…and those at the meeting agreed as well. What I am most grateful for is the way your staff has identified Annie’s needs in all areas of her life and are striving to not only help fulfill them, but make her comfortable as well…not an easy task which only deepens my gratitude to you all. 

Thank you for being one of our earthly angels, Jeanie, especially because I know you understand my situation with Delana. It still doesn’t assuage my guilt, but comforting to know that she has people who love and care about her. Love and blessings to you all, Judy 

West Jordan is a high quality community. They treat each person like an individual and help them with their goals.

I would say that Castle Rock has a very caring staff and a wonderful physical therapy department. I want my father to get what he needs and he gets that at Castle Rock.

Alpine is friendly, close, and homey. They actually spend time with her and she got to go to the festival of trees. They treat her like a human being. It is nice to work with people that care about what is going on. The head cook even comes out to taker her order and make what she wants to eat.

When we visited Alpine, we watched the way they treated the residents. They talk to them gently and respectfully. The nurses are patient, kind, and cheerful.

I rate the recreational activities a five! He enjoys the outings and social gatherings they provide. Community Living

I appreciate the atmosphere at Castle Rock. The way the nurses react to the residents in the hallway. They know him by name. They smile and are very caring. The residents feel safe and the family doesn’t have to worry about their loved ones.

I appreciate everything about Alpine. The staff and administration accommodate his comfort and feed him well. He is not used to eating well. We have seen a lot of improvement in him since he has ben here. He was near death and not walking. They got him back on his feet!

My wife’s mother is in a different location in American Fork. They are supposed to be the best, but I think Alpine is better. We have been in a lot of care centers and in my limited experience with others is that they are by far the best I have seen.

I would tell people that I trust Castle Rock and think highly enough to have my own mother there. I would not put her just anywhere.

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