You are important to our success, volunteer today!

Living in a nursing home can be lonely. Our elders miss the personal interactions of friends and families. Volunteering does not only benefit the resident, it benefits the volunteers as well.

By becoming a volunteer, you help bring companionship to our elders by providing one-to-one interaction or as part of a group. When the youth volunteer, it helps to build bridges between the generations. Volunteering is also a great way to create memories and strengthen relationships with a loved one that resides in a nursing home. Volunteering helps you to connect to your community while bringing joy to a person’s life.

Ways you can volunteer:

Group activities like: outings, classes, and projects

One-on-one time: reading, reminiscing, playing games, or listening to music

Write the elders’ stories: help the elder write a journal of their life. What a great way to learn the personal side of history!

Ways you can volunteer:

It gives you an increased sense of meaning and self-worth. Helping others provides a natural sense of accomplishment. Volunteering is especially beneficial for those that have retired or lost a spouse.

Volunteering can ease depression. Social isolation increases depression. By volunteering you remain socially active, while improving your mood and relieving anxiety.

Live a longer, healthier life! Volunteering helps you remain physically and mentally active!

Contact your local Mission Home today to find out how you can contribute to your community!

Alpine Valley: Michelle Hardman (801) 785-3568

Mission at Maple Springs: Jimmy Hadfield (435) 723-9100

Castle Rock: Bobbi Jo Drozd (307) 872-4600

Community Living: Kathy Lloyd (435) 528-3550

West Jordan Care Center: Heather Miller (801) 282-0686

Crescent Senior Living: Warren Walker (801) 285-9239

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