Who are the everyday hero’s?

During times of crisis, the world recognizes the hero’s that stand in the face of fear. These hero’s were recognized in 9/11, the massive fires that consumed California, and pandemics. It should never take a crisis to recognize the everyday hero’s that keep this country together. First responders are at the front-lines everyday—medical personnel are not just in danger during pandemic, they deal with everyday turmoil that the average person cannot handle.

There are other everyday hero’s that don’t receive the credit they deserve. The nurses and aides that care for our elderly and disabled in nursing homes. It’s business as usual as the care centers never close. They not only provide clinical care to heal the wounds and manage the diseases, they are therapists, entertainers, cooks, and sometimes punching bags. During times of world chaos, they fill the role of the family and close companion. Our homes have shut out the outside world, including families, to protect the health and well-being of this vulnerable population. The elders have shown increased signs of loneliness as their loved ones are unable to hold them and comfort them.

Our front-line staff wipe away the tears, comfort and care everyday–even during normal times. They sing them songs, hold their hands, reminisce, and share their own stories. This is what true relationships are made of. They become deeply well-known and learn the elders individual needs, needs often times forgotten as the outside world only sees them as broken and disabled adults. In some cases, it has been suggested that these vulnerable elders sacrifice their own lives for the sake of the world, so we can re-open the country. Vulnerable elders that are the last to be rescued in times of disasters, their decades of contributions to our society forgotten.

Mission recognizes and celebrates these everyday hero’s, not just in our homes, but all care homes. Here is to the people that devote long hours to caring for this vulnerable populations and don’t get the credit and recognition they truly deserve.

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