Why work at Mission?

Mission Health Services is a non-profit organization, dedicated to creating a world of change for our residents and carepartners!

What makes us different?

We provide excellent medical and nursing care, but unlike traditional nursing homes, we offer it in a relationship rich environment. Mission carepartners are encouraged to spend quality time with the residents, alleviating loneliness, helplessness, and boredom.

Our homes are not only resident-centered, but they are carepartner-centered! You have the ability to help make decisions that effect your career and the lives of the residents you serve. Our philosophy is to have each carepartner understand the needs of the residents better than administration, so why don’t you help make decisions that can ultimately create change? Join committees and work alongside your residents to create a world of meaning and purpose that serves everyone in the community.

Mission believes in investing in our carepartners’ personal growth. We offer you training programs designed to help you change the culture of nursing homes, but we don’t stop there. We offer interpersonal training designed to help you communicate effectively with others, resolve conflicts, and build teams. We work with you to identify and grow your strengths to help you overcome your weaknesses.

Mission believes in utilizing the latest technology. All of our homes use electronic medical records to create ease and efficiency. We utilize social media as a tool of communication and provide additional resources for your growth goals.

Are you ready to become a hero to our elders? Are you ready to become a Mission Worldmaker?

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